10 Month Old Prayer

I was in my bible study tonight and 10 months ago I wrote the first entry in my composition book.  I keep a running journal of prayer requests, bible study notes, personal thoughts and prayers, etc.  Anyway – since I am so focused these last weeks on improving my self image, improving my family’s well being, and figuring out how to give more  – I thought it was appropriate to share the prayer I wrote back then.  It is a personal entry but it so resounds today.

11/19/09 6:45 pm

Hi Lord

Last night as you know I was up till 3:30.  That was dumb.  At this point I am jittery.   I can’t sit still and all I can think about is how am I going to provide for my family this month?  I know that I don’t have to worry as You will do the providing.  But when I am lazy – how will You provide?  I can just sit back and expect a windfall – it won’t happen.

All these ideas have been running through my head for months w/ no outcome.  More so the last few weeks.  I can do online marketing, I can do affiliate sales, etc. etc. etc.  But it all comes down to this – if I don’t have a passion for something – I won’t put the energy into it that is needed to succeed.  Hence the problem…

I have no passion

Not for anything.  I am lazy – not passionate. 

Lord please help me overcome this flaw – this sin – of laziness.

I love You-



Now this prayer was very heart felt – but unfortunately goes to show that I really did nothing in the last 10 months but stick with the status quo.  That has got to change and it is starting here in the early stages of my personal blog. 

Do you see any of this prayer in your life?  Do you need to just get out of the trap of laziness?   I would encourage you to just get up and go.  Make a choice to take the first step.  Find someone to listen to for encouragement or find a mentor or accountability partner.  I chose Carrie and Paul as accountability partners this last week. I chose Zig Ziglar as a motivational speaker to listen to and draw encouragement from.

Find help – you cannot go it alone.  Get down on bended knee and humbly submit to the will of God.  Ask for guidance.  He delights in bringing you peace, in answering your prayers.  He will help you.

God Bless and Give with Passion!


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