Are you a Nehemiah?

So we are learning about Nehemiah still and I wanted to go over the traits of Nehemiah.  Let’s take a quick look at many of his traits and then dig in to a couple.


Nehemiah was:


Afraid at times


God Fearing

A Servant

A Leader

A Planner

A Goal Setter

Nehemiah was a Servant  Chapter 1 Verse 11

There is no doubt about that – he says it outright “I was cupbearer to the king.”  He was the guy who brought wine to the king each and every meal and in between.  He rubbed shoulders with high and lofty.  He shared a room with the other servants.  Many have said it before and many will say it again – but it it has always and will always hold true – If you want to be  good leader – you must first learn how to serve.

At Home – are you giving to your family what they need of you?  Men – are you helping fold the laundry, make the bed in the morning, cook dinner?  Women are you being a Proverbs 31 woman?  Children are you obeying your Father and Mother – even when you can’t see why they are saying what they are?

In Life – are you holding the door for the other person or are you expecting the door be held for you?  Are you picking up that trash you saw some drop b/c you know their hands are too full and they will have to come back and get it, drop everything else making the attempt, or just leave it and forget it.

In Business –  Are you taking the time to listen to your clients?  Hearing what they have to say and offering them a solution?  Are you giving back some of what you know before you start taking money for what you know?  Are you giving to your employees to say thank you or let me help you get that done b/c I can see how much it is hurting you to get this done today.

I know these are all quite simplistic – but break it down and start there.  Start each day with an attitude of service.  “Who can I help today?  What can I do to lift up another today?”  Just because you may not feel you have the gift of service – doesn’t mean you can’t have service in your life.

NO go and figure out what you can do today to cultivate the attitude of service.  Let me know what you’ve done today that normally you would not.

God Bless and Give Passionately!



Ephesians 5:1“Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children”

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