Buy a lobster roll to help Megan

Order a Lobster Roll and Help Megan Joyce with her Leukemia!Just a quick note to drive up some traffic for some friends of mine.

Megan Joyce was born with Down Syndrome on May 20, 2005. Four months later she underwnet open heart surgery for Septal Pulmonary Stenosis.  She doesn’t have it easy and neither does her family.

Throughout the course of her life Megan will require additional heart surgeries.  In April of 2010 she was diagnosed with Pre B Cell Lymphoma Cancer.  She has been undergoing chemotherapy that makes her sick, but the cancer makes her even sicker.

Her family is physically and emotionally exhausted trying to keep up with work and her care.  Imagine if this were your child, how hard it would be.

You can find out how you can help right now and buy a lobster roll to help Megan.

Be blessed and PLEASE send this post to ALL your friends so they can help too.

Be Blessed and Give With Passion!!


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