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REI Definitions

Another blog post for a resource – a page of REI Definitions as I understand them or links to articles about them.
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Michael W. Smith – The Sky Spills Over

sovereignYesterday I was sent a link to the premier of the video for MWS – The Sky Spills over.  At first I was like “Ok, Thriller meets The Patriot meets Red Dawn.”  At least that was the first 30 seconds.  I have to say however – the song is what kept me watching.  I love the music.

Admittedly Michael was new and hip when I was a teenager so to see him now took me back a little.  These are all first thoughts.  As the video went on, really enjoyed watching but mostly listening.

He is still a great performer with some great new music.

What hit me the most watching this video is the overwhelming imagery of these kids being scared and in need of a hero, a leader, a father, a savior.  Along comes Micheal, the protector and deliverer.  The roles are many to be sure but the message is simple, “We need you.”

So many of the needs we see in children today are the what we get from our Father figure.  To be sure, Mothers play as important a role in the raising of children – but it is seems to be that more Fathers are disappearing from their children’s lives and this is having a tremendous effect.

The Father’s role was set up by God at the beginning of time and we are delegating that role to the Mother.  We are ripping apart the plan God put in place so long ago.  It is no wonder more and more commercials and movies and videos like this are coming to the forefront.  The statement is a simple one – Men Stand Up!

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the Sovereign CD from Michael, I have one to give away.  Comment below on why you think children need their father.  I will pick a random commenter to have a cd sent to.



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Work like a volunteer

volunteerHave you ever volunteered at something you love?  Maybe it was a skill you love to use and you found great opportunities to use it.  Maybe it was a place you loved so much you volunteered at every chance you had, just to see them succeed. There is something about volunteering that makes us feel alive, appreciated, accomplished. Continue reading

Hashtag Abuse Is Not Cool!

#So #Ithought #That #Iwould #talktoyou #in #hashtags #today.

#What #do #you #think?  #Iwouldbet #that #you #already #dontlikeit.

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#ThisisashortpostbutIhopeyougetthepoint.  #hashtagsareonlycool #whennotabused #andactually #haveapoint.

#Ifyou #donotknowhow, #THENSTOPUSINGTHEM.  #theydonotmakeyoucool.  #theymakeyoulookstupid.


Octothorpe Out!

Jehovah-Jireh, The Lord Who Provides

Count Your BlessingsWe just got the appraisal back for our refinance.  It seems the house is currently worth $40k less than what we bought it for even after spending $10k in renovations.  So we ‘officially’ fall into the upside down mortgage category.  So much for refinancing.  I guess we’re in the two steps backward stage of the old adage.

Thank you Lord that three steps forward is the next part 🙂

So this post is really just my putting on paper the things I am thankful for so that I can move through the things that are weighing heavy at this moment.

We all go through trials.  We all have ups and downs.  This is a given.  However what is not always a given, is our response to both.  James wrote:

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

Right now I feel like there are so many trials to be faced and all at once.  I have had the blessing to live for 43 years at this point, sharing 28 years with numerous people around the world because of the Lord’s work in my life through Monadnock Bible Conference, 14 years with my lovely bride Beth, 12 years with my twin boys, and seven years with my beautiful daughter Anna.  That alone is enough to be thankful for.

But just to help me see just a little more of why I should count it all Joy and why I should be thankful in ALL things, not just the blessings, I am going to spend a minute and recount just a few of the blessings that mean the most to me.

Some of my most favorite blessings include

  • I am a sinner SAVED by grace!  Dude! How can you beat that?  All else pales in comparison.
  • My family are ALL also sinners SAVED by grace.  Now if anything could come close to the first, this is it.
  • Jehovah-Jireh is our God!  Could you ask for a more compassionate, forgiving, jealous God?  I think not!
  • Beth has just successfully come through a two hour surgery and is sleeping soundly.  All went great according to the doctor.
  • We still have the house. The purpose in refinancing was to help pay the bills.  At this point there is no real chance of refinancing and we wasted the money to have it appraised.  Bummer.  But it is still ours and we still have the protection of our home over our head.  Another day I will get on a soap box on how people who over reached themselves were getting rescued by bailouts and now own their houses outright or have considerably less to pay because they were rewarded for being irresponsible.  But not today 🙂
  • There is income coming in the door each week.  I am gainfully and happily employed at Monadnock Bible Conference where I get the opportunity to share Christ with thousands of people each year.  Not directly mind you, but hundreds directly for sure.  I came to camp for the first time 28 years ago this past September, and got my first opportunity to work full time just two years ago.  It has always held a dear place in my heart and many of the people I knew because of camp, helped to shape who I am today.  (Especially shaping the thankful person verses the angry one.)
  • Our children are fed, clothed, and schooled. That sounds pretty simple right?  Aren’t we all thankful for that?  Open your eyes and look outside your city, state, and country.  Did you know that 842 million people in the world do not have enough to eat?  Check out this and other astounding stats at the World Food Programme website.  Or if you really have some time and want to floor yourself, just Google “How many starving children in the world?

Anyway – I have much to be thankful for and should do better at counting it all Joy.

Lord please use this post to help me get a better handle on the blessings in my life and the life of my family.

If you spent the time and read through this entire post, you did well.  If this helps you to take a better look at the blessings you have each day then spending the time to write it was worth it on two fronts.

Thanks for stopping by.  Know that God knows you, loves you and wants the best for you.

Give with Passion!


This is a page of links that will allow you to shop at various online and offline vendors and with each purchase a portion will be put towards our Upromise account.

The Upromise account goes toward the college funds for my three kids.  It does not come out of the money you spend, it is merely the vendors agreeing to donate a portion of the proceeds.  Anyway here are the links:


For Amazon – they are stingy and you must constantly see if what you want is eligible.

Forget it – it’s easier to just give you the list at Upromise 🙂



Paracord Fun

So lately I have been really getting into paracord projects and it is just fun.  I have learned a bit about the cords, the techniques, the history, the uses etc.

So in order to keep track of what I am finding I thought I would start a post on paracording in general.  I may end up with a category of posts, but for now let’s just start with one post.

So here are a few of the sites and resources I have found that I like.  Forewarned is forearmed – many of these links may be affiliate links. Continue reading

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Home Run; A Book Summary

Home Run - the BookAlthough I have not yet read the book, I was asked if I would put up a quick summary of the book and I am happy to do so. If it is of interest to, here is the summary and some links to view more.

Be Blessed and remember to Give with Passion.

The story is centered around the life of Major League baseball player Cory Brand. After years of self indulgent behavior and reckless living, a DUI and team suspension land Cory back in the Oklahoma town where he started. Forced to coach the local Little League team and spend eight weeks in Celebrate Recovery©, the only twelve-step program in town, Cory must face the memories that contributed to his life becoming so destructive as well as honestly confront the love he left behind. Continue reading

Prayers for Every Day – A book review

Prayers For Every Day

Just a couple days ago I received this book to review – Prayers for Every Day from Roma Downey.  It is meant for little one for sure and my 6 year old loved it.  I handed it to Anna to look at, she took it and disappeared.

The book is a nice board book made for young kids and perfect for 1st grade readers.  Anna was able to read most of the words herself and she was excited to do so.  The book contains prayers categorized for the whole day.  The prayers cover morning, evening, praise, thanks, mealtimes, help, others, guidance, forgiveness, comfort, and bedtime. Continue reading