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Jeremy Camp “The Answer” CD Review

So this lasts week I was sent “The Answer” CD from Jeremy Camp to review.  I requested it so my two boys could have the CD, but the catch was they must do the review for me.  Why not right?  They are the ideal audience for the release and they were all over it. So I asked #FLYBY if they were agreeable and they said sure. Continue reading

Patterns of Evidence – A Movie Review

Thank you so much to Deanna and the gang over at #FlyBy Promotions for the great movie.  Patterns Of Evidence: The Exodus.

I have to admit – I was skeptical at first glance. But first a little about the movie.  I am pretty sure I should be calling it a film.  Don’t ask me the difference – I am ignorant so let’s do a little digging.  Continue reading

Laura Story Open Hands – A Review

This last week I was sent the Open Hands CD by Laura Story for review.  Short and sweet – I really like this one.

I asked my two 15 year old boys to listen to it and write their own review of it.  They have done something like this for me in the past. You can check out the Afters Live on Forever review here (Which of course I titled incorrectly – I should go fix that.) Continue reading

The Afters Live in Forever-A Review

afters_10x10_photo1I was recently sent #TheAfters CD Live on Forever to review. Here is the simple version.  I liked it. I have to admit that the first song had me hopping. However I was in the mood for it. If I was not, it stood a 75 /25 chance of getting me motivated. I enjoyed the music overall.  My twin 15 year olds were of course more excited, but it really is music for them.

Here is a short review from one of them:

Continue reading

Phil Wickham “Children of God” CD Review

Phil Wickham Children of God CD ReviewThank you #FlyBy Promotions for sending me the new Phil Wickham #ChildrenofGod CD. I did enjoy the CD and so did my kids. I am finding that CDs are going the way of the 8 track in my house these days so it was a little more difficult than usual to review this one. Anyway I am going to cheat a little and do a song by song commentary from my teenage boys…

Continue reading

The League and The Lantern – A Book Review

Ok, So it is the week for book reviews.  I just finished up the ESV Family Devotional Bible and now am working on The League and The Lantern. Thank you Flyby Promotions for my free review copy.

The book is written for the middle school crowd and I would say it is appropriately written. As an adult I am often drawn to sci-fi and fiction writing, well, just because I am am.  I enjoy it.  This book reminded me of a cross between Artemis Fowl and the old show Man from U.N.C.L.E. Continue reading

ESV Family Devotional Bible – A Review

ESV Family Devotional BibleRecently I received the ESV Family Devotional Bible to review.  The short sweet – It’s pretty neat!

It has 130 Topical Devotions averaging about two pages each. It has the usual fun colorful maps in the back for you and your kids. They range from The Land of Israel in the New Testament to Places Paul Visited to the Kingdom of Saul, David and Solomon and more. Continue reading

ESV Men’s Devotional Bible Review

Men's Devotional BibleRecently I was sent the ESV Men’s Devotional Bible to read over.  I like it.

Right off – it is a Bible, plain and simple.  I love that about it.  It has 365 devotionals geared towards men, a dictionary in the back and a set of articles and resources on differing topics.

The devotionals are all written by different authors for each book of the bible.  For example the devos in Esther are all written by Alistair Begg, Senior Minister, Parkside Church, Cleveland Ohio. Revelation contains devos from James M. Hamilton Jr., Professor of Biblical Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. Continue reading

Pirates Cove: The adventures of Mickey Matson – Movie Review

Mickey MAtson - Pirates Code Movie Review Poster
So I asked for another movie to review from Propeller Consulting and voila – Mickey Matson’s latest adventure – the Pirates Code.

I thought it would be a fun movie for the family.  It was mostly.  My eight year old didn’t like the pirate scenes so she left and my 13 year olds didn’t get into it until 1/2 of the way through it.  But that that is them – they tend to not want to watch it until they walk through the room a couple times and end up sitting.

In the end they enjoyed what they saw but not enough to start from the beginning.  However – they are teenagers.  A year ago I am sure they would have had fun with it.

Personally, it was what I expected: a clean family movie.  Nothing over the top, no language or real violence.  The bad guys used futuristic electronic pulse guns to knock people out instead of killing them.  The premise was ok and made sense for the age group it was targeted at.

My only real complaint about #piratescode (hashtags are my bane) is this: There was no real need to make the ‘bad girl’ where the low cut tank top and unbuttoned jean jacket the entire movie.  Even once for that matter. I know that in today’s society this would not even have been consciously noticed by most people, but I have teen boys and I look for things that will effect their immature young brains. Let’s face it – movie makers cannot pass on using sex to sell a character.

So from a societal point point of view I give it a mostly cool rating, but from a dad of teenage boys point of view I am slightly disappointed in Pure Flix.  Most people will look at me and say “boy did you over react,” and maybe that is true but hey – I want ot protect my kids – that is what God told me to do.  Raise them up well and protect them from harming themselves.  This particular venue is how we begin desensitizing our children toward sex.

That’s that.  I got this movie for free in order to give my honest opinion.  There you have it and that’s all I will say about the legal mumbo jumbo.  You know how it all goes right.  IF not look at some other posts – I got more wordy on the legal stuff there.

by the way you can buy it here:

God Bless

Michael W. Smith – The Sky Spills Over

sovereignYesterday I was sent a link to the premier of the video for MWS – The Sky Spills over.  At first I was like “Ok, Thriller meets The Patriot meets Red Dawn.”  At least that was the first 30 seconds.  I have to say however – the song is what kept me watching.  I love the music.

Admittedly Michael was new and hip when I was a teenager so to see him now took me back a little.  These are all first thoughts.  As the video went on, really enjoyed watching but mostly listening.

He is still a great performer with some great new music.

What hit me the most watching this video is the overwhelming imagery of these kids being scared and in need of a hero, a leader, a father, a savior.  Along comes Micheal, the protector and deliverer.  The roles are many to be sure but the message is simple, “We need you.”

So many of the needs we see in children today are the what we get from our Father figure.  To be sure, Mothers play as important a role in the raising of children – but it is seems to be that more Fathers are disappearing from their children’s lives and this is having a tremendous effect.

The Father’s role was set up by God at the beginning of time and we are delegating that role to the Mother.  We are ripping apart the plan God put in place so long ago.  It is no wonder more and more commercials and movies and videos like this are coming to the forefront.  The statement is a simple one – Men Stand Up!

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the Sovereign CD from Michael, I have one to give away.  Comment below on why you think children need their father.  I will pick a random commenter to have a cd sent to.



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