Change of Plans – A Movie Review

Have you ever seen a directors cut of anything?  I have never before this last Friday.  I was asked to review the next family movie from Walmart and P&G.  It was fun.

My first thought at the end was “Can I get it on cd when it comes out?”  It was simply a wholesome family movie that I loved and will watch again when it comes out in January.  I really loved the movie.  Did I say that already 🙂

As always there were some quirks where you will either laugh at it or say “ooh that was just weird.”  I thought it was funny when you see the wife of this well off couple eating Great Value snacks.  I laughed out loud.  When you watch it – see how many times you see it. (Hint – more than once )

The Family movie will play on Saturday Jan 8th at 8 o’clock on Fox.

Anyway – the movie was about a financially well off couple who are about to go on vacation and they are told that they were ‘given’ 4 children to care for after a friend dies.  To top it off – their careers are about to take off in the midst of it and they need to make some very hard choices.

I’ll admit that I think the new parents have some unrealistic reactions to things that are going on with the kids – but in all truth – we should all respond the way they do.  The social services lady (Phylicia Rashad) plays the part well but I think portrays the social services department a little too over the top towards the end.  She won’t listen to the parents at all or to any reasoning.

Anyway as we all know the movies are all about happy endings these days – well this one…  Oh yeah I’m not supposed to give away the ending am I?

A side rant – One thing I noticed while watching this movie that just struck me.  In action movies and drama queen shows and others – we often overdue it.  We over accentuate someone’s responses or actions and as a society we have become numb to it.  We expect it to take place and we don’t cringe when when we see it.  We often applaud it.  Well it seems that if we try to do this in family friendly films as this is – it stands out and doesn’t work.

This movie only does that a couple of times – but I think that because we are trying to make it family friendly it simply strikes us in the face when something is over stressed or or augmented in that way.

Ok back on track sorry.  IT was a great movie and I can’t wait to see it with all the pieces put in place.  IT was a blast watching a directors cut for the first time though.  I loved it.

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Luke 2:6-7“While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them.”

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