Choose Joy by Kay Warren – a review

Recently I was asked by to review the book Choose Joy by Kay Warren.  It seems like a sound book.  It took me a little longer to listen to it because I feel it was truly written for women, and well, being a man – I didn’t take too well to it.

The book had the usual stories of heartbreak, sorrow, pain and the steps – at least in the author’s mind – to find Joy in those situations.  However like I said – I don’t think it was written for the likes of the man.  This is not to say it is a bad book.  The opposite is true.  I appreciated concept of finding Joy not by merely looking for it – but actively choosing it.

To be Joyful in all situations is not an easy thing – for God does not promise trial free life, but a trial proof life.  (I stole part of that line from a recent Facebook post from Mars Hill Church.) Anyway Kay reads the book well and tells of stories in her life where making the choice of Joy was the only way she would have joy in that situation.

I really can’t write much more about it from my standpoint as I just didn’t like her writing style.  It was not for me, and not, I believe, for men in general.  But that is my opinion, and that is why I was given the book for free to read – to give my opinion.

I am however going to recommend my mother listen to it.  She is in need of choosing Joy and I think she WILL enjoy it.

Be Blessed all and Give with Passion.


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