Climbing Mount Monadnock

Daddy - don't let go of my feet while I get Peter!

Daddy - don't let go of my feet while I get Peter!

Today we climbed the mountain – just the boys. We went with a high school buddy of mine from 20 years ago, and his two boys Hunter and Brody.

Of course brought the GORP – and it had dark chocolate M&Ms – yum!

It was great to catch up with Wesley. Maybe next time we won’t wait 20 years. The boys had fun doing a more difficult trail and Brody man – you ROCK! Brody went up with what seemed like a very valid fear of heights. To the point of turning around after hiking up a mere 30 yards and he laid down and crawled on a nearly flat rock b/c he thought he would slide off. Well let me tell you – after getting to the top it was completely gone and he was nearly pulling his dad down the mountain.

It was the greatest episode of conquering one’s fears that I have ever seen.

We shared gorp at the top and cukes and carrots that Wes brought. Took pics with each other at a large cairn near the top. All around it was just a blast. I can’t wait to go up next week – at 3:00 AM to get there in time for the sun rise.

I haven’t hiked Monadnock maybe once in 17 -20 years. And this year I have climbed it three times already. Next week will make it twice in daylight and twice at night.

Thank you Lord for the fun and the beauty!


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