Drinking from a firehose isn’t always the best way to learn

drink-out-of-a-hose[1]So lately I have been reading a ton of blog posts on biggerpockets.com and listening to just as many podcasts and webinars. It is overwhelming.

I have been learning about buy and hold, multi family housing, buying notes, wholesaling, crowdfunding properties, etc. etc. etc.

Well wouldn’t you know it, I have a chance to meet someone who knows his stuff and potentially grow my counsel of wise elders and of course I screw it up.  So first off I see a link that looks like this guy Dave Van Horn has become a colleague of mine on BP.  What’s my first response? Send him a quick message that says thanks for doing so, I look forward to talking with him.

Not bad really – go and say hi.  Well it turns out what I saw was a link that said he became colleagues with someone else – it just showed up on my dashboard because I have been reading a ton of his blog posts the last few days.

What would you do when you realize the mistake?  Me, I own up to it and drop him an actual colleague request and apologize for the guffaw. Great.  Being the nice guy, Dave promptly accepts my request and even offers to answer any questions I may have. PUMPED!

Now here’s where drinking from the fire hose comes in. I respond with a quick thanks – again – but then tell him I am excited to have been reading his posts, listening to his podcast a few times over and hope he will let me know when his company allows non accredited investors to get in on the game.

Not so bad right? Except that I had just finished a half an hour of reading about another company that does not sell notes, but crowdfunds realty investments. WHAT? Did I just tell him I want him to let me know when another company will allow me to invest in them? Yipper – I sure did.

I have to say I feel like an idiot and a fool. Maybe I should call this post – “You never get a second chance to make a terrible first impression!” or “Can you be any more stupid?”

So of course now I have to go and apologize – AGAIN. That’s twice in half an hour. I wasn’t even watching tv when I did it. Sometimes I want to bury my head in the sand and hope everyone goes away.  But that isn’t the way to be. So here I am  – not making a bigger of myself to one person, but bemoaning my idiocy to you all.

Can I use the excuse that I am on Prednisone right now to take out my poison ivy? Maybe the drugs did it to me.  Maybe the drinking from a fire hose did it to me. Sometimes you can get information overload and just screw it all up. At least I can keep moving forward right.

Maybe the next guy I have an opportunity to make a fool of myself in front of will be the president, or the pope. Who knows. Just keep moving forward right! And maybe – maybe slow down a little on the information overload. I have to admit however it’s amazing the time and energy you will put into something that excites you.

I would love to hear your story of stupidity.  Feel free to share it.

Good night all. I have Bible study early tomorrow so I best get some rest between fits of scratching in my sleep.

God Bless and remember, God gave it all for you – give back with a passion!



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