Find people with needs and try to fill them

This is a line from the forward of a book I reading.  “The Cause within You” by Matthew Burnett

This is how we build a life: find people with needs and try to fill them, and you’ll see how
happy it makes you. Live vicariously through them. It’s the highest
form of living, because you give up a little of something you want so
that other people can have a lot of it.

Last week I was sent the first chapter of “The Cause within You” by Matthew Burnett.  I am hooked!  The book comes out tomorrow Feb 1 and you can get it now at Amazon if you want.  You can check out the first chapter yourself if you want – I would encourage you to at least go read the pdf.

Anyway Matthew works with the homeless in inner city Los Angeles and the first chapter start us off with a night on the streets with a piece of cardboard and a rat.  Not something I want to do at this point in my life but I certainly understand why he wanted to do it.

Lately my thought have been revolving about giving with passion – financially, and physically to the needs of those, well, in need.  We all have needs, and at one time or another in our lives, many of us have felt like we had dire need of some kind.  Matthew took a calling for the needy and followed God’s lead.  He was obedient to what he know was the Lord’s plan.

I do review a bunch of books for booksneeze and buzzplant and seem to be posting many reviews as of late.  This is for two reasons.

  1. If I am sent a book and asked to review it – I am encouraged to actually read it.  I am trying to read more.  More volume and more quality.  So the accountability is there for me to read more.
  2. I have been focused as of late on the topic of giving as I mentioned above and really want to dig more into what others have done and how they did it.  I love hearing how others have been obedient to what God has asked them as I try to listen to what He is telling me and work hard to put it into action.

I know this is not a full ‘review’ of the book – but I don’t have it yet.  I jsut watn to encourage you to go download the first chapter and see what you think.

God Bless and Give with Passion!


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