Gems From Week One Baby!

What is your Why?

Pick four.  It is difficult to truly narrow it down to four.  Let me write ‘em down and narrow from there…

    • The freedom to serve when I want however I want (financially or physically)
    • Getting my wife her new car
    • Get out of debt
    • Get out from under main client
    • Pay off house
    • 90 – 10 rule  Tithe 90 live on 10
    • More Choices for family

The Four biggest for me are (not in a particular order -  I think 🙂 )

    • More Choices for family
    • 90/10
    • Freedom to Serve
    • Get out from under main client

MyWhyCheck out my new twitter background – “this is my why

So here is something I need to do…

I need to translate my attitude into my WHY b/c the skill sets I have drive me crazy. I actually just want out of all those. They keep me from moving forward.  So can I take a skill set – and drive it home into a business so that I can then start creating a business on what I love – but currently don’t know enough about? 

It was a great day one in the Paul and Carrie 60 program.  I am working on the homework  –

What motivates me – REALLY?

What are my Skills?

What do I know?

How can I package this for consumption?

Follow along and find out with me 🙂

God Bless and Give With Passion!


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