Homeless for the Holidays – Movie Review

Tonight my family and I sat down to watch Homeless for the Holidays. This is a family friendly holiday movie that strives to get across – not just the point that Christmas is not all about big gifts and happy parties – but also that everyday is about more than those things as well.

The movie stars Matt Moore – who I kept saying “he reminds me of Adam Sandler”, Crystal Dewitt-Hinkle, Cole Brandenberger, and Gabrielle Phillips. At first it took me by surprise – but it only took about 15 minutes for me to get over the lower budget of this movie. It did not detract from the movie much after that.

The story reminds me of one of Zig Ziglars most famous quotes “You can get anything you want if you help enough other people get what they want.” Or to put it in a more familiar tone – it is better to give than receive.

Overall the movie was a good one. I believe they did a good job of setting up the plot and finishing the story. I especially appreciated the family tradition that was started. In my preview notes – yes I was sent this movie to review as it is not out in stores yet – it was mentioned that many the actors and actresses worked for free in order to produce the movie on a lower budget.

In response to this I would say that for the majority of it – they really did a good job. Occasionally a scene was overdone – almost a time waster. Let me just say I could have done w/o the store manager – he was overkill. The scene was trying to push home a point that many of us would certainly feel if we were in their shoes – so don’t ignore it.

Anyway the Bakers were a great family and I loved the Christmas caroling in the house. The movie is suitable for all ages and I would venture to guess that if your kids are able to sit through the hour and forty five minutes or so – then they will be able to take a good message from it. One of my nine year olds said it was about giving to the poor. He got something.

The movie is available online at Family Christian Stores.

By the way – when I said that Matt moore reminds me of Adam Sandler – it is not in any of the annoying crude ways that Adam is – but simply in his looks.  Every once and a while you catch a profile that shouts out “Hey it’s Adam Sandler”

If you get this movie – I truly think you will enjoy it.  Ignore the low budget, and the occasional bad acting.  You will fall into the story and you will learn a little something about yourself in the process.

God Bless and Give with Passion


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  1. He DOES look like Adam Sandler! I kept saying the same thing and so did my mom when she was watching it last night!

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