I Love Your Presence – Live from Phoenix

I recently had the opportunity to review this album I love your Presence – Live from Phoenix.  I must say it wasn’t all my style at first but I liked it enough.  I handed it over to my 10 year old boys and it was a little slow for their taste at first as well – but within a day or so they had only deleted one song and a by the time a week had gone by – only two songs were gone.

I would say it fared well in my household.  The message was clear, the music was decent, and I will listen to it for a while.

It is not something I think will cause the crowds to be breaking down the door – however I am really enjoying the soothing touch it has.

I think I will be trying to learn a few of the songs on my guitar – oh yeah – did I mention you can download the lyrics & chord charts?  Yup you can Go ahead – click me for them.

I hope you enjoy the music it was real nice.

God Bless and Give with Passion!



Don’t forget – I got to review this music for free in return for an unbiased review.  Take it as you will – but I liked it 🙂

You can buy the music at Amazon


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