It Hasn’t Even Started Yet

So it’s the Friday before the program even starts and get this – first thing today they sent out a survey to those who were signed up asking some really simple and effective questions.  You know what the aim was – to see where we stood as participants in our journey – so they could tailor their teaching around that.  They were looking to see where most of us stood so they could effectively give us what the majority of us need.  These guys are good.

I am super impressed and I am not sure why.  I KNEW these guys were good.  I have been subscribing to numerous blogs etc from Paul B Evans and Carrie Wilkerson for quite some time now.  If you haven’t seen it yet – check out Carrie’s TV channel online.  Very Cool!!

So the survey was a smart business move AND it showed us that they cared for our results.  Here’s an interesting statement of “we are not doing this just for your money”.  Paul or Carrie said in the first video presentation about this 60 day challenge, “If we don’t think this is a good market and you will make money in it – we will tell you and send you your money back.  We don’t want you wasting your time on something that simply will not work.”

Now I understand they do this for money – it is business that is why we are in business – to make money.   However I also got to listen to one of Carrie’s earlier presentations where she confirmed my belief that they are truly here to help us and not because of the money.  She said, “I have a goal to work with 100 passionate people in 2010 to make their business succeed.”  I know she meant it and the effort they are already putting forth in this venture proves it.  Besides these two are already in the ‘seven figure club’  They don’t need the money from 60 people and the haste that comes with it.  Carrie and Paul 60

Why am I so hung up on these two?

Why is it that I keep writing passionately about Paul and Carrie?  For two reasons and two reasons alone – I have seen what they have done and truly believe in them and their dreams to help ME succeed.  Secondly – I need the practice writing.  I might as well practice now and about two people that I admire.  Right now they and their program are forefront in my mind.   That will change over time – but since it is now the case – I might as well take advantage of it.

Ok its time to get going.  But I have to tell you – there was also a bonus today on day ‘minus 3’ Paul sent out a link to watch a presentation Carrie gave a while back on her four Cs –





It was an hour and 20 minutes long and I couldn’t wait to devour it.  I loved it.  So two unanounced bonuses in as many days and link to help them help me.  I love it.

Make to day the best day of your life!

God Bless!


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