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The Carrie and Paul 60 event starts today.  I just saw that Paul updated the site with a link to Carries Underground Online presentation.  It is an encouragement to go see it again.  Sorry I can’t give you the link.  It is still being sold as a part of a Yanik Silver DVD set.  So no can give it out.  But I have already seen it as Carrie sent out the link last week as a prelaunch bonus.  I was stoked about to watch it and it is certainly an encouragement.

So today is a new day and it is the next day of the rest of my life.  By the way – I am writing all this out so you can hold me accountable.  Zig ZIglar tells of a study university graduates who had a clear vision of their goals and wrote them down and took action.  Of the three percent of the class that had and did – in ten years or so they were surveyed again and had outperformed the 97% that did not.  Well here it is –

I am writing it down and I am believing it.

My prayer is that I would put every effort into this as the Lord tells me – To work at all things as if working for the Lord.  It only makes sense I am here to serve Him and that is how I see myself – as a servant.  So with that I am writing down my goals and my actions.  You will see the results as I see them.

One of my first minor goals during the next 60 days is to raise the money needed to fly to and attend the BOSS event in Dallas on October 8 and 9.  Of course right away the obstacles are the finances, the local family event that we attend EVERY year as a family is on the same Saturday, and my wife is not so keen on the unpredictability of what I want to do.

The first hurdle is the finances.  I am doing other odd jobs to pay for it.  I already have half the funds for the flight.  Thank you Lord.  The second hurdle is the town event.  My wife is already planning for it and my children all need help to attend.  It is scarecrows on the common.  Lot’s of fun as the whole town shows up to create scarecrows that get stood up all along the highways and byways of downtown for the next month for all to see.  Lord I would ask for someone to come along and ask to come with my wife and help the kids.

Now the third is the hardest as our spouses hit closer to home.  I would ask Lord that you would soften Beth’s heart toward me leaving for the weekend and the reason why.  This is to make future events possible w/o concern and to provide our family with a means that is not on the line of poverty each year.  Thank you!

So there you have it

My first minor goal and some actionable steps and hurdles.  Please pray for me as I try to make the next 60 days the turning point in my life – both spiritually and successfully by surrounding myself with people of success in both realms.

God Bless and Give With Passion!



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