Jeremy Camp “The Answer” CD Review

So this lasts week I was sent “The Answer” CD from Jeremy Camp to review.  I requested it so my two boys could have the CD, but the catch was they must do the review for me.  Why not right?  They are the ideal audience for the release and they were all over it. So I asked #FLYBY if they were agreeable and they said sure.

I will admit it was a little like pulling teeth to get them to complete it – but once I got them on it they went to town. So here goes, a review from my twin 16 year boys….

William Writes:

The very first song on the album, Word of Life is very upbeat and encouraging. The lyrics and its steady rhythm are what made this song my favorite in the album.

On the other hand, the last song, Awake O Sleeper was a bit heavier, and I found it hard to follow along to. The beat was steady, but I didn’t particularly enjoy listening to the song all that much.

Out of the rest of the songs in the album, a few others stuck out as fun to listen to. These were My Defender, Tell the Whole World, and Carriers. I really enjoyed these songs as well, because they were encouraging and inspiring in their lyrics, they were upbeat and fun to listen to, and after listening to them multiple times, they didn’t get old or boring.

Overall, I was glad that I was able to listen to this album. It contained a lot of songs that I hadn’t heard before, and I really enjoyed a lot of the songs.

Peter took a little different direction,

and picked a few to review individually…

Word Of Life [1]:
One of my favorite songs on the album. Very good attention to detail, and the detail in this song is very fun to listen to. I like the soft sound of the drums that are, while very prevalent, easy on the ears to listen to as well. It’s a catchy song that’s easy to sing along to and enjoy, and also has a great message in it as well.

My Defender [2]:
I think the first thing that I notice is that the first verse is a little hard to sing along to. The rhythm is a bit difficult and off-kilter to the main beat. I do like the buildup and the overall sound of the chorus though. The message that the song delivers is a great part of this song though, it’s a great reminder that we have a protector and a defender, and that no matter what we’ve done, we’re protected by his blood that he shed on the cross for us.

The Answer [3]:
This song is very focused on the story behind the music, and rightly so. In terms of lyrics, this is probably my favorite song in the album. I love the piano, while it is very background, it’s a detailed and important part of the music. It’s one of the more peaceful songs on the album which I think is perfect because of it’s message.

Storm [4]:
This song jumps back to a little more of the upbeat side of the album. It’s not overboard which is nice, and it has a few quiet parts, which, while I don’t think are quite suiting for the song, are nice. I didn’t really like the beat drops all that much, they were sort of bland and just seemed like a loud cymbal crash. This is a good song, but I think it could’ve used some more detail and originality.

Love So Great [10]:
Overall great song. I loved the intro, and the buildup that is the pre-chorus flows perfectly into the chorus. The only issue I have with the song is that the verses seemed to be a bit too soft for the rest of the song. This isn’t too much of a problem seeing as it does make the buildup into the chorus a good contrast, but it is a little quiet for my liking and I think for the rest of the song as well. I think the song could have been a little longer as well, but it’s good, powerful, upbeat song overall.

Awake O Sleeper [11]:
This song definitely seems like a bit of a contrast from the normal Jeremy Camp that I’m used to. It’s not a bad contrast, but certainly different. It is a well made song, but not exactly to my liking. I wasn’t too fond of the guitar twangs.

So there you have it, the honest review of two teenagers.  I think they did great.  On my side – I enjoyed the album too – but that’s all you get from me 😉

Be sure to let me know what you think when you get the album that was released today!

Remember, God gave it all to you. Give back with a passion!


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