Just to be with You!

Today I am being impressed upon by the lyrics to Third Day’s – Love Song.

The lyrics are as follows…

I’ve heard it said that a man would climb a mountain
Just to be with the one he loves
How many times has he broken that promise
It has never been done.
I’ve never climbed the highest mountain
But I walked the hill of calvary

Just to be with you, I would do anything
There’s no price I would not pay – no
Just to be with you, I would give anything
I would give my life away.

I’ve heard it said that a man would swim the ocean
Just to be with the one he loves
All of those dreams are an empty motion
It can never be done
I’ve never swam the deepest ocean
But I walked upon the raging sea

Repeat chorus

I know that you don’t understand
the fullness of My love
How I died upon the cross for your sins
And I know that you don’t realize
how much that I gave you
AndI promise, I would do it all again.

Just to be with you, I’ve done everything
There’s no price I did not pay – no
Just to be with you, I gave everything
Yes, I gave my life away.

Did you notice who is singing the song?  It is Christ saying “Dude – man makes these promises – and they have never been done.  You know I have not done those two things mentioned – but let me tell you this – I DIED for you!”

He died for ME!

Do you know that he DIED for YOU?  He didn’t just suffer a little discomfort, a little ridicule. He didn’t even donate an organ.   He DIED for ME and for YOU.  He sacrificed everything He had – His life – so that one day when you and I stand before the Almighty creator and He asks us to make account for ALL our actions – we will have a place to turn.

I will look longingly at Christ standing at the right hand of ‘I AM’ and Christ will jump up and say “Dad – you know Chris!  He is mine.”  A sigh of relief will ensue and the joy of acceptance will overcome me.  I will be brought prostrate in never ending thankfulness and praise for the Almighty Creator and the grace He showed me in sending His son as a sacrifice for all the unspeakable sin I have committed in my life.  By unspeakable  – I simply mean any and every sin I have every committed for any sin has the power to keep me separate from God.

Christ Died – He gave His BLOOD to atone for my sins – each and every one of them.

We can make all the promises we want until we are blue in the face. In the end Christ made the only promise that has ever really mattered and will be fulfilled.  To that I respond “I am better than I deserve!”

God Bless and Give with Passion!


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