Keys of the Kingdom – A Spritual Review

So yesterday I reviewed the Keys of the Kingdom game from LB Games.  It was after installing and playing myself for about 19 levels or so.  Today I let my two boys play.  They are nine years old.

Here is what I saw…

They loved playing.  They had a great time trying to gigure out the combinations needed to bring the key to the lock.  One of them even clicked the link to see the answer somewher around level 29.  But what stood out most to me was that they ignored the scriptual aspect of the game all together.

Don’t get me wrong – they listened and read the scriptures after each level.  However after about the 6th level – they simply got impatient for hte continue button to get activated.  Once they could click continue – they did. 

So where does that leave this game as a spiritual encouragement? 

Honestly I don’t think it will be there for long.  My wife had an intersting point as well – All they did was put scripture between levels.  Any game could have done that. 

What they might have done to better enforce the scripture behind it is maybe have the story of the game based on actual scripture events and not Lancelot and the round table.  There are 100 levels of this game broken into 5 segments of 20 each.  Why not choose a storyline – like that of Noah or Jonah or David, or maybe the birth of Christ, The death and ressurection of Christ. 

So why not choose 5 stories, reinforce them with appropriate scripture in each level?  Then as silly as it sounds – hold back on allowign the continue button for a few more seconds – say at least 5-8 seconds – not 2 or 3.

Anyway – I still love the game itself.  The kids love playing it and even spent a dime for a half an hour of play.  It costs our children ten cents for every half hour of game time.  We give them x number of dimes each week and they use them up and get to keep what’s left.  They get more dimes on vacation weeks 🙂

So for parents who hope this will reinforce spiritual thoughts and ethics – it can – but only overtly in reality.

By the way – I did receive this game for free in order to review it here on my blog. 

God Bless and Give with Passion!


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