MediaFire and REALLY bad Customer Service

I had to buy a product online last week and in the usual fashion I went looking for coupon codes.  Now we all know that  plenty of people put their affiliate links on things and offer bonuses if you purchase through them.  Well I decided to use someone’s affiliate link and get their bonuses – about 15 PLR reports and ebooks.

It was the simple “email me your receipt and I will send you the bonuses.”  So I emailed my receipt and a day later got an em,ail in return with the links to the files to download.  The files are all hosted on Media Fire and I have to say this place really sucks on a lollipop!

The steps to download are simple – click the link, enter the passcode and download away.  The torulbe is this – when you click on the link – it opens a new window to enter the passcode.  When that page is loaded – the first thing it does is to open a pop-under advertisement.  Not too bad – but when you are doing 15 downloads it becomes a hassle, and it doesn’t stop there.

After you enter the passcode – the page reloads and a NEW pop-under ad comes up – that’s two now.  Then when you click the download link – your download window opens up and yet ANOTHER pup-under ad come up.

That is three stupid pop-under advertisements for one download

Now how frustrating do you think that is?

So the lesson here – if you are going to offer bonuses to people – don’t be stupid enough to annoy them beyond belief – they will blog about it and you WILL look bad.

For the sake of only moaning and not pointing fingers – I am not telling you who the person is that gave the bonuses – but if you ever get them like I did and they are all links to MediaFire – run screaming and BEG the guy for a better method before you waste HOURS downloading and closing windows.

God Bless!


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