MyBlab – Facebook for Christians?

So I found this interesting site yesterday called myblab.  In reality I was told about it from Buzzbloggers and asked to sign up and take a look.  So I did.

The blab in myblab stands for Be Linked As Believers.  Interesting acronym there.  Right away it looks and feels mostly like a Facebook knockoff.  But I have to say – I appreciate that.

The biggest difference I see is that it is currently focused on music.  I don’t know what is a bigger industry in the Christian world – music or books – but I would guess it is music by leaps and bounds.

Before you create an account – you need to decide if you are going to sign up as an individual or a music artist.  I am not a music artist so I won’t be able to tell you anything of that side of things.  However as a user – you are bombarded with music ‘stuff’  Just promoting the artists on the site really.  no advertising of any kind – YET.  I am sure that the business model must include the sale of ads on the site by bigger names.

Anyway – it is pretty easy to get around for the most part.  It is laid out a little different then the king of social media site FB – but not too bad for sure.

They have all the basics of other social media sites:  status updates, post videos & pics, birthdays, friends, apps, events, address books etc.

I really only fault it one thing – there is a great big link to login in to YouTube as their primary video host.  If this is a Christian site – then should it not have tied itself more prominently to a Christian video service?  Like GodTube for example?

Anyway – Overall it is a great little site.  I don’t see it taking the world by storm just yet – but you just never know.  I have an account now.

Go sign up and try it out.  Check out the intro video, and the owners bio,  Then come back and let me know what you think.

God Bless and Give with Passion!


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2 responses to “MyBlab – Facebook for Christians?

  1. Hi, I’m the founder of MyBlab! I Came across your blog and am thankful for you sharing the news about our christian online community. You posted a question regarding YouTube that I would like to clarify.
    Using Youtube as our choice for our video section is intentional. There is a wall between videos on MyBlab and Youtube and to cross that wall you get a warning that says you are entering the entire Youtube site. When you use your Youtube login from MyBlab it automatically imports all your videos from Youtube to the MyBlab side of the wall. It also will export all videos to Youtube that you upload via MyBlab – flooding Christian videos into the secular world. This integration makes it simple for you to upload your videos on one site (either MyBlab or Youtube) and have them viewable on both sites.
    In His Grace,
    Chris Burkhart

  2. Chris – Thanks for stopping by – and for clarifying. Maybe at some point there will be integration with God Tube too – it only seems natural. I love that you can import and export like that – that is a GREAT feature Chris! Now the wall between the two sites – that is interesting. I didn’t see that explained on MyBlab – but my readers will appreciate knowing it. It will be fun to watch the growth of MyBlab.

    God Bless and Give with Passion!

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