Outreach, Faith and Thanks to Others

This might be a long one as I am not sure how to break up how I felt about yesterday and what I got out of it.

IMG_4835 Yesterday we went as a family to the Center Point Church Game Day.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids all had a great time on the free rides.  I didn’t count them but there no less than six inflatable games that I remember, a portable bungee bounce / climbing wall, a little train ride for the smaller ones, two volleyball courts, organized ultimate frisbee  and soccer games and even a Red Sox World Series hero.

Not only that – the first Eight hundred people in the gate were given tickets for free food and drinks.  And this was no shabby set of tickets.  Each of our family of five was given a set that included

  • One hamburger, hotdog or slice of pizza
  • One 20 bottle of whatever you choose
  • One bag of popcorn
  • One snow cone
  • One ice cream bar

Look at that list – it supplied your entire afternoon of eating and snacking if you did it right.  And WHY do you think they did all this?  It was simple…


This was only the second annual Game Day for the community and last years was rained out and postponed a few times.  You know something – the event was a HIT.  There had to be over a thousand people come through the gates.

Why is outreach important to your business and how do you do it?  Well I will send you off to 123 Media to read about that.  It’s worth it – go read it now and come back – I will still be here 🙂

If you didn’t want to go – let me sum it up for you a little.

Ask yourself – Who are you trying to reach, What is the [desired] outcome of your outreach?, and Are there metrics that you can use to measure their effect?

Ten Steps – I won’t go over them all but the first and pretty important step is to

review the following six social media sources. In all cases, do a preliminary overview of your industry, of any keywords that are top of mind, as well as the names of any industry or association groups. This gives you a good starting point to detail where you want to go.

Ok – go read it.

Anna and I in the b ack seat having a blast


Not everything you do is a guarantee.  Nothing At Home, In Life or Online is guaranteed.  Except as the say goes “… death and taxes”  🙂  Sometimes you have to just do it on faith that your EFFORTS will pay off.  Not your lazing around or jumping from one ‘scheme’ to the next – but your effort.  Check Out Carries recent post “What are you willing to do

While we were at the game day we had at least two people tell us basically the same thing… This whole event was built on faith.  Our pastor said “Let’s just plan the game day and depend on The Lord to pay for it.”

They did not have the money ‘in the coffer’ so to speak or in savings and it was not to be taken out of the general fund.  But you know what – they put a lot of effort into it and had faith that God would provide.

Do you have faith enough in yourself to launch, to just get yourself out there?  More importantly do you have faith that your Lord will provide if you are doing what He has called you to do?  When is the last time you took a ‘leap of faith’?

Take a step – get out there and do it.

God Bless!


P.S. What’s with ‘thanks to others’ in the title?  Well I just didn’t get there. I will talk about that later on 🙂

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