Paracord Fun

So lately I have been really getting into paracord projects and it is just fun.  I have learned a bit about the cords, the techniques, the history, the uses etc.

So in order to keep track of what I am finding I thought I would start a post on paracording in general.  I may end up with a category of posts, but for now let’s just start with one post.

So here are a few of the sites and resources I have found that I like.  Forewarned is forearmed – many of these links may be affiliate links.

Print Resources:

Here is a good page of paracord books from Amazon

Parts and Accessories:

The Army Navy Shop

The Paracordist

Good Youtube Vids:

Two Strand Diamond Knot:

Double Tatted Knot: 

Dragon’s Tongue:

Monkey’s Fist:

Ringbolt Hitch:

Lightning Bolt

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