Pirates Cove: The adventures of Mickey Matson – Movie Review

Mickey MAtson - Pirates Code Movie Review Poster
So I asked for another movie to review from Propeller Consulting and voila – Mickey Matson’s latest adventure – the Pirates Code.

I thought it would be a fun movie for the family.  It was mostly.  My eight year old didn’t like the pirate scenes so she left and my 13 year olds didn’t get into it until 1/2 of the way through it.  But that that is them – they tend to not want to watch it until they walk through the room a couple times and end up sitting.

In the end they enjoyed what they saw but not enough to start from the beginning.  However – they are teenagers.  A year ago I am sure they would have had fun with it.

Personally, it was what I expected: a clean family movie.  Nothing over the top, no language or real violence.  The bad guys used futuristic electronic pulse guns to knock people out instead of killing them.  The premise was ok and made sense for the age group it was targeted at.

My only real complaint about #piratescode (hashtags are my bane) is this: There was no real need to make the ‘bad girl’ where the low cut tank top and unbuttoned jean jacket the entire movie.  Even once for that matter. I know that in today’s society this would not even have been consciously noticed by most people, but I have teen boys and I look for things that will effect their immature young brains. Let’s face it – movie makers cannot pass on using sex to sell a character.

So from a societal point point of view I give it a mostly cool rating, but from a dad of teenage boys point of view I am slightly disappointed in Pure Flix.  Most people will look at me and say “boy did you over react,” and maybe that is true but hey – I want ot protect my kids – that is what God told me to do.  Raise them up well and protect them from harming themselves.  This particular venue is how we begin desensitizing our children toward sex.

That’s that.  I got this movie for free in order to give my honest opinion.  There you have it and that’s all I will say about the legal mumbo jumbo.  You know how it all goes right.  IF not look at some other posts – I got more wordy on the legal stuff there.

by the way you can buy it here: http://pureflix.christianbook.com/adventures-mickey-matson-the-pirates-code/pd/03738X?event=ESRCG

God Bless

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