Pray for Japan

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Today on K-love I heard a great idea!  Put a red dot or circle on the back of your hand and whenever you see it – stop and pray.  Why the red do you ask?  take a look over there -> Japan – known as the “Land of the Rising Sun” uses a red circle on a white background as their country’s flag.  So how appropriate to use the red dot on the back of your hand right?

Let’s take it a step further.  Now that you have a red dot or circle on the back or palm of your hand who else in history had a red circle or blood on His hands?  How interesting the similarity and icon of the red circle on the back of your hand – in the center of the Japanese flag surrounded by a field of pure white.

Was it not the blood of Christ that poured from his hands and feet as He was nailed to the cross  – that cleansed us as white as snow?  It is only fitting then that when you see the red dot on your hand that you pray for the lives and more importantly the souls of every person on that island country today, and tomorrow and the next day.

Be Blessed and Give with Passion!


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