Profit Explosion 2010

Just finished listening to the bonus program on Carrie & Paul 60 – Profit Explosion 2010 by Carrie Wilkerson.  It was chalk full of useful information.  It came with a pdf worksheet which I LOVE !!!  I went through and put the worksheet into document format instead of pdf so I could fill it out on my computer and print a nice pretty sheet from the last page – all the answers on one short printable hangable page.  I always love listening to Carrie’s over exuberance.  It charges me 🙂

So what did I learn?  Simple enough – You can’t implement list building, product creation – in short

You can’t run a business – until you figure out your business model

Carrie goes over five different business models including Affiliate Marketing and Information Marketing (taking your brains to the bank) among others.  I mention those two specifically b/c I have narrowed my business model down to one of those two.

The pdf contains no less than eight “Barefoot Steps” that tell you exactly what to do next.  And in case you need help – every section comes with the lovely sub heading of Feeling Stuck?  I love it.  Of course I was stuck here and there – I loved the motivation there and the example answers for the more thoughtful questions.

So what is your business model?  Do you know?  Did you buy all those programs on list building and product creation, clickbank miracles etc?  If so – I hope you first knew your business model else you were wasting time and money.  Crazy I know – but true.  You can’t skip steps one and two and expect to perform on step three.

By the way – this morning I was reading Exra 9 and 10 about intermarriage.  And I was impressed by the idea that it is not simply meant for the actual state of marriage – but also for relationships in general.  If you surround yourself w/ the ungodly – you WILL become like them.  There is no doubt.  So ask yourself today – “Who do I hang around with? Are they glorifying to God?”

God Bless!


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