I have decided to keep a blog to keep a log. So lets’s start with what I will consider PRE Day One.

So I got intrigued by a radio ad for a local Connecticut Guru’s two hour free seminar this last week and decided to go.  It was in Worcester and I was working in Fitchburg so I said ” Hey it’s only half an hour away and I would like to go.” I did.

It was very interesting and even somewhat eye opening.  Of course it was a two hour sales pitch for a three day workshop, leading to a however long mentoring program.  I am all for mentoring as it has helped me tremendously in life, however until this point I have never had to pay actual paper money to get it – someone has been willing ot invest in me for the sake of investing in me. I like that better.

Knowing this I fully understand and appreciate the business model. It is a good one.

So because the workshop fee came with a second ticket – that of course I figured I could sell to someone else and make my money back in full or even more, and I really liked some of the ideas presented, I bought in on the spot.

So what were some of the things they were teaching about? In the seminar we went over the idea of wholesaling and Self Directed Retirement funding. Let me tell you they made it look like the the easiest thing to do. I haven’t even started investing, only researching, and I can already tell you – it ain’t easy.  If anything, wholesaling might be the most difficult option in Real Estate Investing.

Well I took a look at some of the free books and docs and audio files that come with your three day workshop fee. In the end, they were more sale pitchy training pieces and I decided that I had made a poor choice in investing in this workshop so I asked for a refund and moved on.

Know that I did learn some good terms and glean a few idea from the free ‘bonuses’ they offered, but not nearly enough to get rid of the uneasy feeling of having bought into it and especially not enough to warrant trying to sell my second ticket to someone else.  I wanted them to decide for themselves, not get pitched by me into something they knew nothing about.

Now this is the part that many average Real Estate Investors may or may not understand – During this whole process, going into the seminar, driving home afterwards, sitting down each time to look at materials, etc., I was praying about the process of REI. I wanted confirmation I was doing the right thing, I was doing it for the right reasons, etc.

Some of my prayers included the usual things like “Lord please let me know black or white if I am doing the right thing – you know I have a hard time seeing the answer if I am not smacked with it.”  “Lord this sounds good but would others in my circle of influence confirm it? Am I afraid to ask them or tell them about it?” “Lord you know my heart and I want to be in this for the right reasons. Not my own selfish financial gain, but securing at least some financial freedom, some security for my children and my retirement. In the end being able to free up some time to volunteer more at the things you have given me as passions.”

In the end I wasn’t given a great big neon sign (for those of you who remember neon signs) but I was given the usual subtle nudges in the direction I was being called to go.  I was under a fairly clear conviction this particular avenue was not the one to take, but the general direction I was headed was good. Which is why we are talking about my journey to REI – I still feel the Lord is allowing me to walk this road

Anyway that is it for Pre Day One in Real Estate Investing. I have some more things going on that will let you know about as I have time.

I have to run to my Nine to Five now.  Talk soon and God Bless,


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