Thank You Paul Evans

I Just re-read over this one – it’s a bit long winded  but worth it for me to write it down.   I hope you appreciate it.

For quite some some time now I have attempted to devour just about anything I can that Paul Evans puts out.  From Nicheology to Simple Six, to you tube presentations on public speaking.  A few weeks ago it was his Core Strategies web-cast – today it was the Personal Business Architecture web-cast.

By the way you can sign up for future Academy 60 web-casts whenever you want.  I think this latest Academy 60 is leading up to Paul and Carrie Wilkerson’s 60 Day Online Business Launch. Only 60 people will be allowed in.

Anyway – it is taking me forever to let it all sink in.  (Sadly – almost a year now and it is still not hit rock bottom with me yet.)  It is in no way – what Paul is teaching – it is all about me.  I know that sounds selfish – but in reality – I am owning up to my problem – ME.  I keep starting these projects and dropping the ball, looking for the next project – or easiest way to get motivated and just wasting money.

But just this week I finally realized the issue – I have a bad image of what I want to become.  Or more to the point – I have NO image of what I want to become.  But that is going to change.  I am going to start working on – not who I am – but first – who do I think God wants me to be and how do I get there.  

Do you have a picture of who you will become?

That’s the crux of it all.  Do you or I have a picture of who we will become or want to become?  I want that picture.  I want to see it and live it.  I was listening to the Zig Ziglar Inspire podcast this week and I LOVE IT.   It made me ask the question – Who do I see myself as?

I want to create that picture right here and now.   In reality the picture is already in my tagline –

Serving Christ at home, in life, and on line

Serving Christ at home

As a Husband and a Father I am called to be the Priest and the Prophet.   [I highly recommend The Christian Husband: God’s Vision for Loving and Caring for Your Wife by Bob Lepine.  Although I can’t find the audio tapes online anywhere – if you can find them I would also recommend The husband as a Priest and Prophet also Bob Lepine.]    So I firmly believe that I need to be a Godly husband, a Godly Father, and a Godly Man.  It all starts at home.

With that man defined from 30 thousand feet – let’s move on to

Serving Christ in life

Here is where I can say beyond a doubt that I know what this man God calls me to be – looks like.  I am not a preacher,  I am a decent teacher (I teach lifeguarding, cpr etc), but more than those things… I am an excellent servant – I love to do the work.  I take pride in helping others fix their home, chop the wood, mow the lawn, run a volunteer position at the annual fireworks festival or motorcycle ride.  I can do many things – I was brought up to learn many things from carpentry to plumbing to automotive repair, etc.

So how can I do that – whenever I am called upon and not ‘around my work schedule’?  Well the only way I know of is to change my work schedule to be what I want it to be.  To make myself available at any point w/o concern for my job suffering.  Maybe you are asking why I am first focused is on the work?

Simply put – my family has to eat and live.  I can serve Christ by serving my neighbor.  I can currently drop everything and ‘go do it’.  And I will admit whole heatedly – I am blessed because of it.  But in the end – I always have to make up that time somewhere – earning an income.

Please don’t get me wrong – God has, does, and always will provide for my family.  Especially when I give to Him from my heart and w/o concern for reward.  But God also calls us to be good stewards.  We are not to squander away what He has given us.  So how do I server Christ in life – any time and every time?  By…

Serving Christ Online

It has been rolling around in my head for all of about 3 months – how do I serve Christ online.  Currently I develop websites and I give discounts etc for non profits, for Christian organizations – but guess what – so does everyone else.  I donate my church’s website to them for free.  And it shows frankly.  I want to be able to earn a living online – serving Christ – so that I can also live a life of service offline.

This all may sound corny to you are just like babbling – but to me it is a defining moment – and I want accountability.  If I tell you what I am going to do – then I best keep to my word.

So I ask that you would pray for me in my constantly seeking God’s face and seeing clearly who it is that God wants me to be.

I started all this with a comment about Paul Evans huh?  Well that is because it was his last two broadcasts from the Academy 60 lead up, combined with The last couple Ziglar Inspire podcasts that I have listened to over and over again that brought me to this point.  The point of defining who I am, who I think God wants me to be, and how I can get there from here.

God Bless and have the best day of your life today!

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