Thanks to Others

Since I didn’t get a chance to finish up my last post Outreach, Faith and Thanks to Others – I thought I would try real quick to get in the last but not least portion – the Thanks!

As it turns out – this Big Game Day was in a sports field and the parking was in who knows what kind of grassy knoll 🙂  Well on the way out our car started thumping and a quick stop and peak revealed no less than a really flat tire with a nail in it.  I looked under the car and it was no more that four inches from ground to hub – basically the a little less than the radius of the rim.

Well you all know where this is going right – thanks to little Alexi for letting her dad help us out when she wanted to get going and thanks to the other gentleman who stopped to help as well.  I am sorry to say that at this point I cannot remember any of the mens names.  I remember Alexi because she was playing with my daughter the whole time and her dad kept calling out to her to make sure she wasn’t getting into mischief.  Let me say that Anna can get anyone into mischief if they want to get into it. She will go right along and sometimes even provoke it 🙂  Anyway the two girls got along right away and had a blast watching their daddies from the comfort of two car seats placed strategically on the ground outside the car.  (and no mischief)

Ok so on with it.  It took two jacks to get the car up enough and neither of them were mine.  You guessed it – my minivan didn’t have one.  Sometimes I wonder where my brain is.  Hey Chris how ’bout asking yourself when you buy a used car “Is the jack here?”  Needless to say I went right to Wally World and bought a new bottle jack for the car – and a lug wrench.

So we had to find a spot high enough under the car that we could put the first jack.  Then we jacked up the car as far as we could and put the second jack under the correct spot so we could actually get the flat tire off the ground and the spare on.  Way Cool- the spare on a windstar is NOT a donut.  I had to drive over 150 miles today on that spare and it worked great.

Ok that’s the story.  Why the thanks?  Well you know those two guys stopped to help, you know at least six or more others stopped to ask if they could help.  Even if some of them were secretly thinking to themselves “There are already people there helping so surely I won’t have to help – I can ask.”  Even if they were thinking that – they still asked.  IF we needed it I am sure they would have gotten out of the car to help.

We need to stop and help

Sometimes we need to open our eyes and see what is going on around us in life and in business and ask ourselves “Does someone need our help today?”  I see Carrie and Paul doing that over the next couple months in the Carrie and Paul 60 program.  I have already watched the extra bonus video that Carrie posted and submitted my niche idea for evaluation and hope to get that soon.  I can’t wait to take advantage of their generosity in opening their eyes and looking around at all who are in need and asking “Can we help you?”

Well good night all and God Bless!


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