Tyndale Rewards – A Review

Last week or so I was asked to sign up for and review the Tyndale Rewards and see what I thought of it.  As a guy who loves free books I said sure.  The rewards program is basically this:  Do a few things for us and you will earn points towards free books.

Like any other rewards program right?  Right.  So why do it?  Well it does give you a few ways to earn ‘points’  not just buying things or telling your friends about it.

Here are some of the ways you can earn points:

Invite a Friend to Join the Rewards Program

Each friend that enrolls in the program using your code will automatically receive 25 points. You’ll receive 10 points for each friend that uses your code.

Here’s Mine:  www.tyndalerewards.com/signup/?pc=61o0-719t-apf4-k2hh

Bible Survey

As a Bible publishers Tyndale desires to understand Bible buyers and to improve the quality and selection of Bibles they produce. Taking a quick survey will go a long way in helping us accomplish this goal. They’ll reward your time by adding 15 points to your Tyndale Rewards account.

E-Newsletter/E-Devotional Subscription

Tyndale offers a variety of e-newsletters and e-devotionals. Whether you subscribe to one or many emails, your maximum is 10 points.

e-Reader Survey

Help Tyndale better understand consumer reading habits. Whether or not you have an e-Reader, by answering this survey Tyndale add 10 points to your account, and you’ll help develop and deliver products that meet the needs of all their readers.

Some others include:

  • Joining a focus group
  • Joining the Birthday club
  • Review a Tyndale Product
  • Share on Social Media

You will have to go there and sign up yourself if you want to find out more about how you can earn free bibles and more.

Give with Passion!


PS – remember I was asked to do this review.  I was asked “Go join the program, tell us what you think, and be entered to win an ipad.”  I did.

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