What Everyone (YOU) Must Know About Goal Setting

Let’s discuss some things you already know. By now you know that the only way to achieve a dream or at least a vision of success is to start small and work your way up. If you have no vision or no ambition, then you cannot very easily create a step-by-step plan of completion. Why do people want to achieve goals on a step-by-step basis? Because:

• It is easier to achieve one easy goal rather than achieve 100 individual tasks
• It is safer (emotionally and financially) to start small and work your way up
• Fulfilling lots of individuals goals keeps you motivated and positive
• It’s easier to keep track of steps and organize plans of action
• It’s easier for friends or acquaintances to help you to achieve individual tasks
• Failure on a step is a minor setback, not a major loss that destroys the mission

This is one of the most important aspects about changing your life: creating a list of manageable goals. This is the most important lesson of this book, as a matter of fact. No matter what, and regardless of how “silly” you feel doing this simple step, resist the urge to do away with your list of goals. Setting goals is the best way to get started in making a positive life change. This list of goals, simple though it is, is your personal life plan. Without these goals you have no overall direction and only a vague motivation that isn’t enough to keep you active.

If you fail at a long-term goal (usually towards the end of your life) then looking back can indeed be a depressing scenario. However, if you create a list of individual goals (all leading up to this ultimate long-term dream) then you will always be able to proudly look back on your accomplishments. This way, even if you never achieve goal #1 (be filthy rich, take over the world, become president, etc.) you will still have many individual victories and achievements that were worthwhile.

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