What happened to Sesame Street?

This morning my daughter was watching Sesame Street and she asked me to sit and join her.  I did 🙂

It was kinda fun.  however we were watching someone that I haven’t seen on SS before – Abby Cadabby A magical fairy Muppet.  She’s ok and teaches some fun stuff but today’s story wasn’t all that childish.  It went kind of like this..

Their little friend (I think his name is blog) falls into an enchanted sleep after biting a magic apple – we all know the story of snow white.  Abby and her friend (can’t remember HIS name but he is another fairy), anyway Abby and her friend are trying to wake their friend Blog.  I think that was his name anyway.  They try everything from clocks to yelling to kissing.  Both the girl and the boy kiss the sleeping boy named blog.


So they read the story of Snow White and realize that it was a prince who broke Snow White out of the spell and she turns her friend into a frog who she then kisses to turn into a prince 🙂  Then she tells the prince to kiss the boy.  I am sorry but not everything has to cater to same sex relationships.  I won’t go off on that tangent right now.

So he kisses the boy named blog and blog wakes up and he starts poiuting as he is turned back to a regular boy.  Some little tinker bell kinda fairy floats around and asks why e is pouting and he replies that he realy liked being a prince.  And the reply comes back from little tinker bell thing “Don’t worry you’ll always be remembered as the Fairy formerly known as Prince”

What is that all about?  First we have boys kissing then we add adult jokes to a three and four year old educational tv show.

Can we just bring the United States School Primer back to schools and see where our society goes …

Please forgive my ranting – I’m “In a mood” as my gride would call it. 

God Bless and Give with Passion!


3 responses to “What happened to Sesame Street?

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Chris! Sesame is one of Megan’s favorite shows and we’ve watched it with the boys for years! I’m really a little bummed at how much the show has changed over the past couple of years. I’m pretty sure some of the humor is to keep the parents interested as they watch with their children, but is it needed? I really don’t think so. We’ve managed to find quite a few DVD’s of older Sesame shows and we tend to stick to those. I just feel like, why mess with a good thing?

  2. I saw that episode too, and it was kind of surprising to me. It was only one day after watching Aladdin on the ABC Family channel and having them repeatedly show a commercial of two teenage girls about to kiss. I don’t think that should be shown to little kids. I don’t mind if it’s on the grown up channels, but why is it on kid shows?

  3. Lisa – It is truly disheartening to see our children being ‘desensitized’ in the kids programs that are the staple of their childhood. My parents always teased that Ernie and Bert were a little shaky there – but they were never blatantly wrong like that. anyway -off my soapbox now .
    God Bless!

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