Who Does Your Business Support?

As a believer – do you know who you are supporting with your business?  In the past I have come across many job opportunities that would simply be classified as anti-Christ and I have had to take a look at my heart and make a choice –

Christ or Coin?

Have you had to make that choice?  I will admit it is easy to say – Christ ALWAYS over coin.  It is not always easy to actively make the choice when the bills are coming due or business is bad – but I can tell you from experience and without exception – obedience brings blessing.

Matt. 6:26  Consider the birds of the air, they neither sow nor reap nor gather into  barns, and yet your Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

God says in His word – He will provide for you.  You do need to worry about tomorrow.  Don’t get me wrong – you need to be a good steward of your possessions AND your talents – however you don’t have to worry that He will not provide for that bill or that meal when you are following His direction.

Are you not of more value than the birds of the air?  Can you claim that scripture as your own?   You should.

If you are making the wrong choices because you think you will not survive without that next client or job that is obviously against your Savior – then you need to pray over this verse RIGHT NOW!  Claim it as your own.

You have to understand that God wants you to succeed.  He did not put you on this earth to sit on the fence – He put you here to fight a holy battle for Him.  He put you here for His glory and not man’s.

What about the gray areas?

Now this choice seems pretty black and white right?  Sure it does – but what about the not so clear choices you have to make?  Here is one that convicted me for a while before I finally realized I was not just sitting on the fence – I was supporting the other team.

Namecheap.com - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

I currently register domain names for my clients at Namecheap – and I love them.  They have great support, great prices and great tools to manage what I have.  And until I find something amuck with them or their values – I will continue to use them.

If you know anything about building websites or hosting websites or even registering your domain – you may have already guessed where I am going…  There is a domain registration company that I simply refuse to support any longer.  I have spent the last year transferring all my domains and my client’s domains AWAY from their domain registration services.

If you don’t know who I am referring to – good.  This company is an obvious homage to the Evil One – Satan.  They are NOT sitting on the fence – they simply are against everything that is Christ – and they flaunt it.  However they are possibly the largest registrar of domain names out there.

I do not understand how people can actively support and even PROMOTE them once they have acknowledged what this company is all about.  They are all about selling sex and using man’s carnal nature to attract your eyes and your dollars to support them.

Someone I consider an indirect mentor and I recently studied under said “even though they objectify women” and I was struck by that statement.  I do not believe this company objectifies anything – I firmly believe that they prostetize women.  They even taught the fact that they have commercials that were not allowed on the Superbowl because they are too racy.  So what did they do with them?

Simple – they  put them online for even more people to view and the bragged that the commercial was so bad it wasn’t allowed on a sporting event that already spends way to much time tempting our children.  So they created a ‘moderate’ version of their commercials and put the raunchy ones online.

Yes this was years ago – but they still try it every year.  And they still find new highly visible women and tempt them to come on board and show themselves off in the most provocative manner possible to attract people but not throw up their consciences immediately.

And now that you are asking yourself – No  you can’t find out everything about everyone.  If you pay this guy and he pays that girl and she pays that guy and he pays . . . , all the way down the line.   But you can make choices who you pay based on their morals and their causes.

What I am saying is this – if you look at a business or a client and the first or second thing you do is question what they stand for – then you need to realize that is the Holy Spirit tapping you on the shoulder.  You should turn and listen to what He has to say.

Ok I will get off the box now – but do you get it?  Do you know who you are supporting?  Do you know where your money is going?  Are you being the steward you are called to be with your resources?

Be Blessed and Give with Passion!!!


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