Writing off the cuff

I am not sure what to write about today so I thought I would just write what is on my mind.  Today we had a great service at church.  I was an usher to server communion and I am always blessed by serving communion.  There was a little girl who spilled her grape juice on her coloring book and it ran down the crease of the book.  I reached down to her and simply tipped the book forward so the juice would run to the red carpet and not over her pretty little girl dress.  She was very upset when it happened. 

As I took my cup and returned towards my seat I realized that we were so worried about not getting any juice on her dress – we completely missed getting her a new cup.  So I walked passed my seat and brought my cup to her.  She was pleased as punch that she could still take communion and I was blessed tremendously.  I took her empty cup and went and sat down in my seat.  When it came time to partake of the juice I know the Lord was ok with me sipping a mostly empty cup.  After all it isn’t the juice or the wine contained in the cup that matters to Christ.  It is all about the attitude contained in your heart.

Typically these days we have no service in our church during communion Sunday – we tend to have worship time, communion, then testimonials from one or two people in the church.  This is a recent development in our church and it is one that I really enjoy.  There is something compassionate and never ending about listening to testimonials.

I have always thought that I don’t have a testimonial of any import.  And honestly – I still think that :)  So I am going to start writing out my testimony in long form – day after day. 

Letter Sent in Draft

The other thing that happened in service today was an apology from an elder for a letter that went out to the membership this week.  It seems someone had sent the letter out in draft mode  – which in my mind was eye opening.  The letter was shaped in the manner of a parent scolding his grade school child.  And it was of course signed by the pastor. 

Many people it seemed – took offense to the letter and its tone.  I certainly can see why as it would have bothered me as well had someone not told me it was coming.  A friend of mine had already received and read it and told me how offended they were and knew how I would react.  They wisely told me that I would be getting it soon and should sit on it for a couple days before responding.

Oddly enough – their fore warning led me to read the letter with different eyes than I usually would have.  But I certainly saw what they were talking about. 

Anyway the letter went out – the apology was made.  Why did I bother writing about this?  Because the cynical side of me asked the following NEW questions of the letter:

  1. Who was the original writer of the letter?  Was it the pastor?  Was it the secretary?  Was it an Elder?  Who?
  2. And if this letter warranted an apology because it was in draft mode and not reviewed – what does the author really think of our membership?  Was this draft letter the letter he wished to write in his heart and it needed to be edited down to not show us the motives and feelings of the author?

Anyway that is it for today.  I will try to start my testimony later today or tomorrow.

Be Blessed All!


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