The BOSS 2010 Event was a SMASHING Success

This weekend I spent a great time with amazing people.  I have to say that the BOSS 2010 event was encouraging, uplifting, motivating, and inspiring.  I never would have imagined that so many incredible people could gather in one place at one time for the purpose of business building and networking – and then find out so many of them God had put there to show His Love and His Power and His Planning.

Our God is an Awesome God.

This weekend God brought into my path so many people who I know have affected me and will affect many many others throughout their lives – for the purpose of God.  You know this was simply a business building event right?  There was nothing ‘simply’ about it.  God moved in so many ways that I don’t even know about and I will never be the same because of this weekend.

Speaker after speaker got up to talk about their particular venues and each and every one of them had a clear message – I am here today because God made it possible!  They may not have said it in so little words – but they said it.  They all made a profession of their faith to the people in the room and you could not question it.

If you were going there to learn about business – you did!  If not – then as Carrie would say – You lie about other things to.  If you were there to be entertained – you were.  If you weren’t there to cry and laugh and be motivated by exceptional Christians – the too bad – you probably were 🙂

AWESOME Speakers

Here is just a little about the speakers and breakout presenters from this weekend…

Paul Martnielli

Paul was the first speaker.  Being a part of a small group of 60 day program members – I was able to have breakfast with Paul Evans, Carrie Wilkerson and a few of the speakers – of which Paul was one.  I had the privilege to have a good conversation with Paul.  He asked what I did and what I was there for and I was not afraid to tell him of my new ventures into  (More on that another time – it is a brand new adventure.)

Anyway Paul gave me some very sound advice and then promptly used me (anonymously) in his presentation an hour later.  The man listened to me and then in front of a crowd of over 120 – spoke directly to me as he spoke about overcoming limiting beliefs.  Yes God Put him there to help me overcome a challenge that was holding me back from what I needed to do.  I am sure he spoke to many others that day – but he spoke to me.

You can read a little more about Paul here…

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