Laura Story Open Hands – A Review

This last week I was sent the Open Hands CD by Laura Story for review.  Short and sweet – I really like this one.

I asked my two 15 year old boys to listen to it and write their own review of it.  They have done something like this for me in the past. You can check out the Afters Live on Forever review here (Which of course I titled incorrectly – I should go fix that.) Continue reading

The Afters Live in Forever-A Review

afters_10x10_photo1I was recently sent #TheAfters CD Live on Forever to review. Here is the simple version.  I liked it. I have to admit that the first song had me hopping. However I was in the mood for it. If I was not, it stood a 75 /25 chance of getting me motivated. I enjoyed the music overall.  My twin 15 year olds were of course more excited, but it really is music for them.

Here is a short review from one of them:

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Real Estate Research Resources

sad eyesThe following are different Real Estate Research Resources that I am gathering from around the web.  Whenever possible I hope to supply links to who to use those resources.  But for now this is just a list to reach for when I am searching for info. I hope it can be helpful to you as well in your venture. Continue reading

Drinking from a firehose isn’t always the best way to learn

drink-out-of-a-hose[1]So lately I have been reading a ton of blog posts on and listening to just as many podcasts and webinars. It is overwhelming.

I have been learning about buy and hold, multi family housing, buying notes, wholesaling, crowdfunding properties, etc. etc. etc.

Well wouldn’t you know it, I have a chance to meet someone who knows his stuff and potentially grow my counsel of wise elders and of course I screw it up.   Continue reading

BiggerPockets Resources

I thought it would be a good idea to keep track of some of my favorite BiggerPocket resources as I come across them. I hope they are of use to you as well. Continue reading

REI Definitions

Another blog post for a resource – a page of REI Definitions as I understand them or links to articles about them.
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REI Goals, Mission, Vision

So I thought it would be appropriate to start my REI adventure with some form of Mission, Vision and Goals.  Not because everyone says you should have these for a business, but because I think it will help keep me focused and on track. There is a lot to be said for goals but even more, there is more to be said for WHY you do what you do. Do you agree? Continue reading

REI Day One – I think

So I decided to do these posts about three weeks after I actually started really trying to learn about REI. What this means is that these first posts will be from memory and may be a little sketchy or get edited as I remember other things. I will continue to make current posts from this point forward however.

I left off on REI Pre Day One with having gone to a local ‘guru’ seminar and deciding not to pay for the three day workshop. So what was next?   Continue reading


I have decided to keep a blog to keep a log. So lets’s start with what I will consider PRE Day One.

So I got intrigued by a radio ad for a local Connecticut Guru’s two hour free seminar this last week and decided to go.  It was in Worcester and I was working in Fitchburg so I said ” Hey it’s only half an hour away and I would like to go.” I did. Continue reading

Phil Wickham “Children of God” CD Review

Phil Wickham Children of God CD ReviewThank you #FlyBy Promotions for sending me the new Phil Wickham #ChildrenofGod CD. I did enjoy the CD and so did my kids. I am finding that CDs are going the way of the 8 track in my house these days so it was a little more difficult than usual to review this one. Anyway I am going to cheat a little and do a song by song commentary from my teenage boys…

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