Carrie Paul 60

Today I listened to the Carrie Paul 60 webinar and decided this was what I was looking for.  I had made a decision about a week ago that I needed to move forward with everything – or not at all.  I sifted through all the folders in my email box to see where I felt I was most impressed and could really learn the most.  (More who then where.)  So it was that I decided to stick with Paul Evans and Carrie Wilkerson for the next 6 months, see what they were teaching, and focus on building my online business with their guidance.  All the others I will filter out as they come through.

Interestingly enough – this webinar came across my desk the very next day and it was exactly what I was hunting for!

Carrie and Paul 60

The webinar itself was very informative – what parts I could glean b/c my connection was bad.  I hope to get a recording if at all possible so I can really sit and soak it in better.  So why did I choose these two?  Well mostly b/c I have been a part of Nicheology for some time now and I really like Paul’s enthusiasm, encouraging demeanor, work ethic, and personal faith.  Secondly I have listened to much of The Barefoot Executive for a while as well and found her to contain many of the same qualities as Paul – and they seem to work really well together.

Probably the biggest motivating factor is that they share many of the same values and those values coincide with mine.  And Hey – they genuinely want to help others succeed.  You can’t beat that!

If you want to be successful you surround yourself with successful people.

I once hear it put this way “Tell me who your fiends are and I will tell you who you will be.”  In the end they mean the same thing.  Look at the people you surround yourself with – You learn from them, You grow from their advice, You mimic their successes, You learn from their mistakes, and you assimilate their traits.  It is not an easy road and you have to be willing to debate your side and concede your losses when necessary.

After working in the restaurant business for over a decade I can remember a turning point in my career and my walk with Christ.  I had so assimilated to the culture around me that when I tried to think of a nice clean joke to say to a friend – I could not.  The only jokes that would come to mind were filthy.  I realized in that instant what I had become and how I had gotten there.  I also realized how I needed to change.  I needed to get out of that atmosphere as quickly and as wholeheartedly as possible.

In a recent post, I talked a bit about changing the image I have of myself and I need to see myself as successful.  In order to come through on the choice I made to change who I was – I had to see myself as who I wanted to become.

What does successful mean to me?

Successful means becoming the servant God called me to be.  It means knowing that whether I am wealthy or poor or somewhere in between – I am serving with a willing heart and bearing fruit.  Would I rather be doing that on the wealthier side of the coin?  Check out the section Serving Christ in Life to see why the answer is yes.

The course starts on Monday next – September 13.  60 people for 60 days.  I am all over this and plan to put all my effort into it.  So please follow along as I journal my journey (say that 5 times fast).  I hope I can make the journey and keep you up to date at the same time.  But if not – know that the journey will come first and I will catch up with the updates when possible.

Good night and God Bless!


Thank You Paul Evans

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