Lies The Government Told You by Judge Andrew P Napolitano

So I was sent another book from BookSneeze for my review.  This book is called Lies the Government Told You – Myth, Power and Deception in American History.  It is written by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano.

This is not a book I would have picked off the shelf to read so I had them send it so I was forced to read it.  I made the commitment to read it and review it.  Well I was not overwhelmed by it.  I am sad to say it is certainly not my style of book to read. 

The book goes over what the judge believes are 16 lies we have been told throughout our history as a country.  Those go back to our founding leaders with lie number 1: All Men Are Created Equal and run the gamut all the way to today with topics like It’s Only a Temporary Program and We Don’t Torture.

To be frank – I couldn’t read it all the way through.  I had to start skimming.  This book is simply a debasement of our government.  You know something – this could all be true.  Everything I read was backed up with quotes and facts and could very well be the truth – but in to put it bluntly – we have the government we have because we chose it.

I think this book is just a rant on the wrongdoing’s of our government.  We have enough of those – let’s come out with some better books on how we can work to fix it.  How we can influence our government to do what we want and not allow a handful of people rule at their whim.

I once heard Zig Ziglar say this, “I read the daily newspaper every day and the bible every day.  This is so I know what both sides are up to.”  This book is just another example of what one side is up to. 

Now that I said that – you should know this – if the quotes and facts were researched to be true – then this book can help you get inside the thoughts of many people in our government today and see how and why they do what they do.  And hey – you can’t affectively fight a battle without knowing your opponent right? 

So you could get some insight if this book were your cup of tea.  It just wasn’t mine.

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