REI Day One – I think

So I decided to do these posts about three weeks after I actually started really trying to learn about REI. What this means is that these first posts will be from memory and may be a little sketchy or get edited as I remember other things. I will continue to make current posts from this point forward however.

I left off on REI Pre Day One with having gone to a local ‘guru’ seminar and deciding not to pay for the three day workshop. So what was next?  While I was telling a friend of the seminar I attended and the workshop I skipped out on, he told me about NHREIA or New Hampshire Real Estate Investors Association. This was a great first step.

I ended up attending the next monthly meeting which was only a day away I think – it may have been that evening. The presenter was Jeffery Taylor a.k.a. Mr. Landlord.  While his website is very typical of the hyped up ‘used car salesman’ online presence, his methods, form templates, and experience in Landlording, are pretty darn good. He was fun to listen to had some really good ideas for landlords.

The best part for me was the half hour newbies round-table prior to the presentation. This time allowed me to meet some people in REI who were already going places with their investments as well as some new investors, and ask questions of them all. I met people who were willing to help, people who wanted learn more and people who were just overbearing and dominated every conversation seeming to have an answer to every question and it took 5 minutes to spit it out.

So like any industry, there are many personality types to maneuver 🙂

Ok, the biggest tip I got all night was If you are at all interested in Real Estate Investment, I highly recommend you start there. most of my journey to this point has been using this amazing resource.

So from here on out I will try to journal the things I am learning on the site from the many useful blog posts to the online newbie books, to the podcast episodes to the forum entries that I am reading veraciously.

Follow along if you want.

So I consider going to the NHREIA, Day One.  This was Wednesday June, 8 2016.

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