The Final Summit – A book review

I recently read the Final Summit by Andy Andrews (admittedly about 2 months ago) but I really enjoyed this fiction book.  It was a real quick read for me.  The main character’s name is David Ponder and it would seem that he has had some contact in the past with the angel Gabriel in past books (Which I have not read yet)

David was called to head up the “Final Summit” which was to determine if the world should be allowed to continue or if the world should be destroyed again as happened in the flood.  His challenge in the summit – come up with two words that described what mankind needed to do in order to turn itself around from the track it twas on.

If the words could be found – mankind is safe – if not – well it would be destroyed.  What I think was the best was the who all was attending the summit.  The attendees were many and all were figures from the past – with both great and seemingly small influence in history.

I loved the book and can’t wait to go back and read it’s predecessors.  I am particularly fond of fiction of this kind.

Because I have to – I did get this book for free in order that I might review it.  It came from Book Sneeze


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